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Graduation Decor Package 1 includes:

Six balloon clusters with ribbons.

  • We match these air-filled bunches to your color scheme adding more decor to your space.
  • We use Qualatex balloons, which are of the highest quality out there. Made of thicker latex, they are incredibly durable.
  • Ribbons allow for easy tying.
  • Click here to add more.
  • Use the menu to choose your balloon colors.

12 Helium Balloons

  • Our helium balloons made by Qualatex are of the highest quality latex balloons available, which in turn provides you with the best product available!.
  • They are 11″ in size.
  • Have you ever bought balloons and they were on the ground the next day? Or maybe they shrunk in size and started drooping before your party was halfway through. They didn’t come from us:) We treat all of our helium balloons with a float time extending solution. This solution thickens the balloons making them less porous and, in effect, lasting longer. While our competitors’ balloons last 6-12 hours, ours lasts 18-24 hours and even longer if it’s colder weather. Having your balloons last for a couple of days allows you to pick up your order ahead of time and gives you more flexibility with your decorating schedule.
  • Our bouquet’s unique and recognizable curly balloon add-ons make our product stand out above the rest. These curly balloon add-ons are a Party Town Decor staple that elevates the aesthetic of your balloons.
  • These balloons come clipped together for easy travel and easy separation. Contained balloons in your vehicle while traveling is always a plus! When you get to your venue, unclip and organize your balloons into table bunches of 3 or bouquets of 4 or 6. You can also choose to have them permanently tied to make a beautiful bouquet.

Personalized photo banners

  • Made of high quality 190 gsm. photo paper
  • We can design these Personalized Baby Shower Banners in any theme and color scheme.
  • Are you not looking to use a person’s photo? No worries! Choose to have a photo banner or theme or both!
  • Measures 16″ x 60″.
  • In the memo, be specific about your theme and color scheme is, and we will design the perfect banner.


Our Pick-up packages:

  1. ALL of our packages can be ANY THEME you need!
  2. They are all designed for the simplest possible decorating experience
  3. priced for a simple do-it-yourself/DIY set-up.

We can’t think of a better way to get the custom decor you desire and still let you be part of the decorating process!

But, there are many reasons these options may not work for you:

  1. For example, it’s a surprise party, and you can’t get away to set up without spoiling the surprise.
  2. Or maybe your schedule is too tight, and you won’t have time to get everything done.
  3. Or perhaps you would rather have us do all the setup for you?

If this is the case, we’ve got you covered!

  • Our delivery minimums vary depending on the distance/time travel and the amount of set-up required. We want your decor planning to be stress-free and perfect! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or text and let us know the date, time, venue location, theme, and decorating budget so we can design a package that’s perfect for you!

If you can dream up the theme, our designers will work hard to create it! If you have any ideas in mind that you are trying to replicate, please email the pics to or text (401) 769-9555. Please send us your  Pinterest Pictures or Instagram Pictures, and we can make our own Party Town Decor version of your vision! We can make your event memorable while working within your budget!

We look forward to working with you:)

Tammy & Janice

Professional Event Decorators


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